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Exotic & Risqué Photography

Introducing Exotic and Risqué Portrait Photography. Some of our clients wish to do something a bit different, something a bit more cheeky and a touch more risqué. Studio X Exotic photography is all about having fun, pushing the envelope, being playful and creating something truly unique, tasteful and memorable. We understand that everyone is different; no two people are the same. Exotc and risqué photography is all about celebrating your very own uniqueness and what makes you special, all while capturing this in an equally unique and creative way.

While Studio X exotic portraits are designed to be incredibly sexy, fun and cheeky, they are artfully crafted to be highly sophisticated and always in good taste for each and every client. Creating classy images which are personalised to each and every persons individual taste is what Studio X photo shoots are all about!

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What our clients say..

"At first I was a bit nervous but I soon relaxed and enjoyed every minute of this unique experience. Your enthusiasm, professionalism and sense of humour made for an unforgettable day. The pictures you took are outstanding and I still can't believe you made me look so fabulous. Thanks guys" - O.T"

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Now is the time to celebrate your own body and see its inherent beauty, just the way it is!
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