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Studio X Photography, located in Grafton Auckland, is New Zealand's Number 1 multi award-winning boutique photographic studio dedicated to the creation of seductive Boudoir photography, sexy Glamour photography and stunning Makeover photography. In addition, we offer sensual & classic Nude photography, romantic Couples photography and cheeky Exotic photography for both individuals and couples. If you are looking for an Auckland photographer to create and capture beautiful & timeless portraits, then welcome!

As professional photographers, we excel in crafting amazing professional portraits of women & couples that will surpass your expectations in every way. We are masters of both stunning photography and Digital Retouching and enhancement to raise your images to new levels while still retaining the essence of "you". Every photo shoot is extremely fun, friendly and highly rewarding. Your complimentary pre-portrait consultation will be held at our upmarket Auckland studio where we will discuss the style of images you wish to create, and of course our creative staff can offer you ideas for your consideration.

Feel free to explore our website and galleries to gain inspiration for your own session with us. You can discover what to expect on our Xperience page and read about what others have to say on our Testimonials page. You can see some of the amazing results on our Before and After page and also arrange a photo shoot gift voucher. Many common questions can also be answered on our FAQ page. You can call us on (09) 309 4646 or contact us and we will be happy to assist you with any enquiries.

So whether you like seductive boudoir photography, romantic couples photography, artistic nude photography, sexy glamour photography, makeover photography or perhaps a taste of everything, we have the experience and expertise to show you at your best! All of this in a fun, friendly and relaxed setting with an award-winning Auckland photographer!


This is what drives us... It's our passion!

"Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that you made me look and feel so incredibly beautiful I almost cried. This was exactly what I needed. Thanks for the truly amazing experience."

boudoir portrait photographer auckland NZ

Boudoir Photography

Sensual & Elegant

Boudoir in French means "bedroom", and with regards to professional photography, refers to images that are romantic, sensual and seductive. It is not necessary to be nude or overly revealing in Boudoir Photography. Romantic female boudoir portraits are the perfect gift for yourself, your husband, boyfriend, significant other or the groom on your wedding day. Designed to flatter you in every way, this form of portrait photo shoot portrays your inner beauty and seductive charm. Our boudoir portrait photography is crafted within our magnificent boudoir setting and featuring tasteful and classy props to enhance the feeling of sensuality and romance. Boudoir portraits are perfect to gift for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just as a unique romantic surprise.

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glamour portrait photographer auckland NZ

Glamour Photography

Sexy, Feminine & Seductive

Modern day Glamour Photography is designed to be a fun and highly rewarding adventure for everyday women of all shapes and sizes. With our hectic modern lifestyles it's easy to overlook our own needs and desires, we tend to be so busy putting other people first. So, welcome to the ultimate pampering experience! Defined, glamour photography means SEXY - posing in a sexy or seductive manner while wearing revealing clothing, lingerie or even sometimes topless. Female glamour photography can also be suggestive rather than overly-revealing, everything from face shots to full body shots. It's entirely up to you! All of your glamour portraits are digital which allows you to see the results as we go. The goal in glamour portrait photography is to creatively use posing, lighting, clothing and props to create sexy, glamorous and alluring images.

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makeover portrait photographer auckland NZ

Makeover Photography

A Different You

Want to truly see yourself like never before? Then Studio X Makeover Photography is just for you! Now is the time to be pampered. Now is the time to treat yourself! Makeover photography is all about being made to look absolutely gorgeous while having a blast! Your makeover photo shoot is ideal as a great confidence booster and for lifting your self-esteem; the ideal pick-me-up! As an added bonus your photo shoot is a great deal of fun! This is the ideal way to give back to yourself. Your beautiful makeover portraits are something special that you will treasure for the rest of your life. What better way to empower yourself than by celebrating you! A makeover photo shoot is something that every woman should enjoy at least once in their life. This day is all about you, embrace it!

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nude portrait photographer auckland NZ

Classic & Sensual
Nude Photography

Take a Deep Breath

Artistic Nude Photography is a modern day version of the time honoured practice of artists, painters and sculptors throughout history. With artful lighting, creative posing and insightful visualisation we create stunning artistic nude portrait photography designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. Often photographed in Black and White, but sometimes as colour or toned, it is essential to create a strong and moody rendition which defines form either accurately or in the abstract. Sometimes subtle, sometimes provocative but always fascinating, the artistic nude has been a favourite art form for discerning people for centuries.

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couples portrait photographer auckland NZ

Romantic Couples

Take Two Deep Breaths

Studio X is at the cutting edge of Couples Photography internationally! Why? It’s simple. We have so much experience creating it and we work harder than anyone else to ensure we capture your special connection - as you see it! Our couples photography is perfect for capturing that special spark and chemistry in your relationship, all in a highly tasteful and artistic manner. Our couples portraits are timeless and visually striking pieces of art that celebrate your special connection; immortalised for eternity.

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exotic portrait photographer auckland NZ

Exotic & Risqué

Express Your Individuality

If you're looking for something a little extra cheeky in your Studio X portraits, then our exotic photography service is just for you! Whilst still being highly artistic and tasteful in nature, your exotic photos are designed to be slightly more risqué, pushing the envelope just that little bit further, resulting in captivating and gorgeous images that show you at your absolute best! It's time to celebrate yourself and your individuality with our award-winning team and create stunning images that you will treasure forever!

View our Auckland Exotic and Risqué portrait gallery

Hollywood portrait photographer auckland NZ

Vintage Hollywood

Alluring & Sensual Retro

Even today, classic photographs from the heady days of old Hollywood continue to inspire, fascinate and charm people of all ages worldwide. There was magic occurring in the film industry, both on the silver screen and in the stylised portraits of the big stars, when stars were indeed larger than life.
Our creative team will assist you in recreating that iconic glamour vintage look and feel of old Hollywood with unique lighting setups, classic posing and highly stylised retouching, seamlessly blending together to re-create the magic once more - with you as the star!

Studio X Photography experience

The Studio

An experience you will
never forget!

A professional photo shoot with Studio X in Auckland is a completely unique and fun experience. We approach each photo shoot as both artists and photographers with a blank canvas - filled with unlimited potential. This is not our job, it’s our passion. And we invite you to share in our passion. We warmly invite you to contact our friendly photographic team today to discuss any aspect of our services. From there, you are welcome to book an in-studio consultation with us or alternatively discuss dates and times for your photo shoot. You can also read more about your Studio Xperience prior to contacting us.

Client Testimonials

What our clients think..

Client Testimonials

Your fun-filled photo shoot is just as much about the creation of fantastic portrait images as about having an amzing time! Every photo shoot is unique, yet every session is fun-filled and provides you with an experience that you'll never forget! Whether you book a glamour, boudoir, makeover, nude or couples photo shoot, you are about to experience it with the best!

Read our Testimonials to find out what you can look forward to by booking with us today!

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