10 Great Reasons to Book Your Glamour Photo Shoot!

Modern day Glamour Portrait Photography is designed to be a fun and highly rewarding experience for everyday people. With our modern and hectic lifestyles these days it easy to overlook our own needs and desires as we tend to be so busy putting other people first! Here we will take a look at glamour photography. What is it all about and how does it all work?

Glamour photography involves the portrayal of a woman in a romantic, appealing yet tasteful way. It is not necessary for a subject to be fully nude or even semi-nude in order to capture beautiful glamour photos. It is entirely up to the individual and their personal comfort levels as to how revealing the photos may or may not be. Successful glamour photography is crafted through a clever use of particular posing themes combined together with specific lighting techniques that offer a flattering result to all body shapes, sizes and ages. These key posing and lighting elements are essential in the creation of a great glamour portrait.

Glamour portraits, more so than any other type of photography, allows everyday people the opportunity to enjoy the whole model experience. Prior to your glamour photo shoot you will be advised on what items of clothing and props are best to bring with you. During your session you will also be shown how to pose in a way that shows you at your best, regardless of your body type and any potential insecurities you may have!

Glamour photography to a lot of people has become synonymous with airbrushing, or in many cases, too much airbrushing! Airbrushing and retouching should only be used to a point where it still represents the subject being photographed. An overuse of airbrushing leads to disappointing results that no longer truly reflect the natural beauty that is found in each and every one of us. The level of retouching you receive should be entirely up to you, and that’s the way it is at Studio X Photography. Irrespective of how much retouching you want, you should always end up with images that you can connect with and that you will treasure forever!

Over the years we have received countless testimonials from clients who love the balance we consistently achieve between realism and retouching. You can also view our Before and After gallery to see just a few great examples!


Here are 10 fantastic reasons to book your Glamour photo shoot today!

1. Unfortunately none of us are getting any younger!

2. Now is the perfect time to do something for yourself!

3. Studio X glamour shoots are extremely fun and highly rewarding!

4. Most of us never get the chance to feel glamourous in our everyday lives!

5. Your treasured photos will allow you to see yourself in a way you never have before!

6. You will see a massive improvement in your self-esteem and body image!

7. A fantastic way to celebrate a milestone in your life!

8. A great way of presenting that someone special in your life with a gift that is both personal and sensual!

9. A chance to do something out of the ordinary and move you out of your comfort zone, but in a safe and friendly environment!

10. A great opportunity to invest in yourself!

Glamour photography is perfect for those of us who would love to experience something new and exciting, who want to have fun, but who may not wish to be overly revealing in their photos. Creative, sexy and tasteful, that is what Glamour Photography is all about! What better way to celebrate you! If you're looking for an Auckland glamour photographer then give us a call today on (09) 309 4646.

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What our clients say..

"This is something I had always wanted to do and you made it all so easy and so much fun. Thank you for a great day and for the truly AWESOME pictures which I will treasure forever" - CB"

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