5 Great Reasons to Book Your Makeover Photo Shoot!

Makeover portrait photography at Studio X in Auckland, the multi-award winning Auckland photographer is the perfect way to give back to yourself. Makeover portraits, similar to glamour and boudoir photography, are designed to show everyday women at their absolute best, portraying them in a highly feminine and seductive manner. Where boudoir photography traditionally relies on the inclusion of a bedroom setting (hence the term 'boudoir'), makeover photography is designed to focus more so on the inherent beauty found within every woman. Less focus is placed on the setting of the portrait, rather it is placed onto such aspects as hair and makeup, which when combined with your individual personality really helps you to shine!


Below are five great reasons to book your very own makeover photo shoot today!

1. Your makeover photo shoot is a great deal of fun! In a world that expects so much from women, this experience is solely designed to pamper and make you feel special!

2. You will see yourself like never before! With the addition of professional hair and makeup, a makeover photo shoot is designed simply to show you at your best. Our professional makeup artist will work closely with you to help accentuate your natural beauty.

3. Makeover portraits are perfect for gifting to your spouse or significant other. Forget about the cliché gift ideas, it's time to surprise them with something highly artistic and personal.

4. If you are looking for a self-esteem boost then makeover photography is just for you! Your experience is a perfect pick-me-up and a great way to feel great about yourself.

5. Our professional and friendly staff will guide you along every step of your journey, with everything from posing ideas through to advice on post-production retouching and creative input. We work closely with women all ages, shapes and sizes to ensure every woman is made to feel like a star!


So, if you're looking for the best Auckland makeover photographer, give us a call today to book your fun-filled photo shoot and prepare to see yourself like never before!


Book Your Very Own Makeover Photo Shoot!

Now is the time to celebrate your own body and see its inherent beauty, just the way it is!
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