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As New Zealand’s leading Auckland boudoir photographer, we are often asked “what should I wear for my boudoir photo shoot?” Also, many ladies enquire how best to prepare and plan to ensure their session is relaxed and stress-free. In this blog post we give you an insight into professional boudoir photography and what is included within your fun-filled photo shoot experience.

Our advice is firstly to view our boudoir portrait galleries to see how other women have embraced their femininity and beauty in front of the camera.  This is the best way to start your planning, as viewing the results of that others have achieved will instantly fill you with confidence. You are always encouraged to discuss what to bring with our portrait photographer; we are always happy to assist!

Some other helpful tips for your boudoir portraits include considering what outfits, props, accessories and jewelry you wish to be wear.  Inspiration can be found everywhere, from fashion magazines through to lingerie catalogs.  These are a great way of planning and visualising how you want be photographed.  Strong colours, including black and whites, always work well. Also, ensure you choose the right size outfits (if purchasing something new) for your body shape to fully accentuate your figure!

It isn’t essential to bring along a whole suitcase full of outfits to your session. Consider bringing along anything you feel you look your best in; whatever makes you shine inside and feel your best. This can include a mix of both outfits and accessories. Don’t be afraid to bring along a mix of some ‘maybe items’ to your session as well.  There’s no point leaving some possibly great options at home!

Is There Anything Else I Should Consider Prior To My Boudoir Photo Shoot?

If you are gifting your boudoir portraits to your significant other, you may also wish to bring along any special possessions that will further personalise your portraits.  This can include lingerie you were gifted, any anniversary gifts or other such items of significance.

Finally, remember not wear anything tight to your session. This will cause unflattering red marks to appear on your skin.  Just arrive in relaxed clothing that allows your skin to breathe. In addition, avoid any sunburn prior to your boudoir photo shoot.

How Do I Find Out More?

You can also view our boudoir photography galleries to gain inspiration for your very own photo shoot. In addition, you can discover more on our website with our Frequently Asked Questions and About Us.

Finally, be sure to check out our current photo shoot special to take advantage of some fantastic offers and packages!

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