An exciting aspect of a glamour photo shoot with Studio X Photography is the team’s professional digital portrait retouching.

So what exactly is digital portrait retouching? In this post we will explore what is included with your portrait retouching and how this transforms all forms of portraiture at Studio X. As leading Auckland professional photographers since 2004, we have proudly offered this service since our inception and continued to evolve

During your image viewing, in addition to selecting your portraits we can discuss your digital retouching requirements. This includes selecting preferred colour effects, such as black and white and sepia among many others. In addition, we can also discuss any other potential blemishes or issues that may catch your eye. Simply put, these can include any unwanted pimples, scars or cellulite.

With our years of retouching experience, your portraits can be masterfully retouched to your satisfaction. All this while retaining your uniqueness and inherent beauty. We always aim to create professional portraits that flatter you, not change you into someone else.

For simplicity, our retouching service can be viewed as three separate components.

Digital Botox and Facial Blemish Removal

Our exciting Botox removal is focused on facial retouching. As the name suggests, this can include the removal of fine lines and a general softening of skin. The idea is not to change you, but rather to create a flattering result to your portraits. Think of this as simply removing a few years, whilst retaining your character!

In addition, other aspects such as skin redness or patchiness can also be addressed.

Digital Body Sculpting and Reshaping

This process is focused on creatively reshaping your body’s natural curves. Similarly, this technique is designed to refine rather than dramatically change your natural beauty.

Perhaps you would like a slight reshape through your waistline? Or perhaps a slim through your tummy? This is the purpose of our digital body sculpting and reshaping.

Digital Cellulite Eraser and Body Blemish Removal

Finally, our cellulite eraser is designed to address more body-related considerations. These can include the removal of cellulite, blemishes and body scars.

Above all, our retouching is all designed around your requirements. A little or a lot, the choice is yours!

If You Have Additional Retouching Questions

Finally, if you have any further questions relating to our retouching please contact us. We are also happy to discuss with you any other general or booking enquiries. We are available Monday through Saturday with all bookings by appointment.

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Written by Studio X Photography

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