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Find out why so many Kiwi women choose Studio X Photography in Auckland!

As a professional photographer Auckland having worked with countless Kiwi women since 2004, we have been amazed at the number of reasons why people book with us.

In this blog post, we thought to compile a list of the main reasons why people book a glamour boudoir photo shoot, some of which you may never have even considered!

Great Reasons To Book a Photo Shoot With Us!

One of the main reasons we have found is women wanting a tasteful yet personalised gift for their significant other. This is a popular choice for a wedding day gift (bridal boudoir photography). We always hear of how well received these women’s beautiful portraits are. Even more, it is very common for couples to return for another photo shoot together at a later date. This is always so rewarding for us to see!

We also hear from many women who have worked hard to lose weight and want to celebrate their newfound body and confidence. Whether you have recently completed a body transformation or are just about to undertake one, a photo shoot with us at Studio X is perfect for treating yourself after so much work. This is a sure way to capture you at your best!

Couples photo shoots are a popular aspect of our services. Often, couples want to find a special way of celebrating their relationship. For this reason, professional couples photography is absolutely perfect!. Creating artistic portraits of you and your loved one is a great way of immortalising and celebrating your connection forever. We often find around Valentine’s Day, we see a spike in such photo shoots being booked.

Celebrating Life Milestones

Next on our list is a life milestone event, such as a ‘milestone’ birthday. The most popular choices for this are 30, 40, 50 and 60. We have had many women revisit us multiple times over the years. This is a fantastic way to create new portraits throughout the different stages of your life. There is no better way to record these milestones than with creative portraiture; capturing & celebrating your life’s journey!

And finally, a glamour boudoir photo shoot is for most women a new and exciting experience! Being able to express yourself and celebrate you in a fun, safe and supportive environment is a highly rewarding experience. We’ve heard this from so many women over the years and as an Auckland photographer we love this! Our ability to offer this to our clients is something we truly treasure!

So What’s Your Reason To Book a Photo Session With Studio X Photography?

By now you can hopefully see that there are so many opportunities you should prioritise yourself and celebrate you! As we often say, it is so easy in life to put everyone else first.

Perhaps you are looking for a fun and novel experience? Or maybe you are planning your wedding and looking for a fabulous gift idea? Irrespective of where you are in life, a photo shoot with us is a fun, rewarding and memorable experience. In addition, it also results in the creation of beautiful portraits you will love and cherish forever!

Contact our friendly and award-winning photographic team in Auckland today! Discover why so many Kiwi women have chosen Studio X Photography since 2004!

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