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Beautiful Makeover Portrait Photography

Makeover portrait photography at Studio X in Auckland is the ideal way to celebrate you and treat yourself! Our creative photographic team will make you look and feel even more beautiful and sexy than you already are! Your fun-filled professional portrait photo shoot at our Auckland studio is not only a wonderful fun-filled experience, in addition your stunning images are something very special that you will treasure and look back fondly upon for the rest of your life. What better way to empower yourself than by celebrating your inherent beauty! A Makeover portrait photography session is something that every woman should experience at least once in their life. This day is all about you, embrace it!

So go on, treat yourself! Now is the perfect time to book your very own makeover photo shoot. If you're looking for a special gift idea for a close friend or your significant other, this is an experience they will be sure to remember! Call our Auckland team now on (09) 309 4646 or contact us to arrange your no-obligation consultation.

Here's five great reasons to book your very own Auckland makeover portrait photo shoot today!

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What our clients say..

"This is something I had always wanted to do and you made it all so easy and so much fun. Thank you for a great day and for the truly AWESOME pictures which I will treasure forever" - CB"

Book Your Very Own Makeover Photo Shoot!

Now is the time to celebrate your own body and see its inherent beauty, just the way it is!
Call our Auckland studio now on (09) 309 4646 or contact us to arrange your no obligation studio consultation.