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My Stories

With Studio X Photography My Stories, you can read about the portrait photo shoot experiences of other women who have enjoyed a photo session with us. We encourage you to explore these in-depth insights of their experiences. One of the biggest realisations you will soon discover is that everyone has their own insecurities and concerns, not just you!

You will also realise that irrespective of your age, shape, or size, you will be guaranteed a fantastic and fun-filled experience resulting in simply stunning portraits!

When you are ready to book your photo shoot simply call our Auckland portrait studio on (09) 309 4646 to discuss dates and times with our photographer!

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My Story Edition 1

My Photography Story Edition 1

"Hi, my name is Vicky. After having two children and living an active, busy lifestyle like most of us do I felt I needed to do something different, something special for myself. The grey hair was starting to show, and my self-esteem was in need of a boost, and I wanted to feel more than just a mum."

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My Story Edition 2

My Photography Story Edition 2

"Hi, I had thought of doing a glamour photo shoot before but had never ventured into doing my homework and organising my session. I came across the Studio X Photography stand at an exhibition and saw the photos that they had on display. I thought they were awesome!"

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My Story Edition 3

My Photography Story Edition 3

"Doing this photo shoot was something that was going to be incredibly meaningful and personal to me. I understood very clearly the importance of capturing the inherent beauty in us at every stage of our lives, even more so as childish fantasies of seductive youth and glamour are replaced with much more practical ones and was excited to have found a company that so clearly shared these views!"

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