My Photo Shoot Story - Edition 1

My Story with Studio X Photograhy

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Hi, My name is Vicky. After having two children and living an active, busy lifestyle like most of us do I felt I needed to do something different, something special for myself. The grey hair was starting to show and my self esteem was in need of a boost and I wanted to feel more than just a mum. I love my family dearly but there is more to me than that and I thought maybe a special photo session would be cool both for me and as something I could share with my partner.

I searched the web and looked at different photographers’ styles and what they offered and I found Studio X Photography. For me it was an easy choice as the quality of the pictures I saw was well above the others. Also, a big thing for me was I wanted to do a variety of shots which showed the different “me’s” if you know what I mean. I didn’t want just a makeup job, I wanted something special. When I went to meet with the Chris and Loric at Studio X Photography I immediately felt comfortable. We chatted about what I liked and didn’t like and I had a look at lots of different style and we got a plan together for the shoot day.

On the day of the shoot I was a bit nervous but by the time I had my hair and makeup done I was looking forward to getting into it. We did some test shots and then we started. Chris helped me with all my posing and which way to look etc while Loric took the pictures. It was great to be able to see the results as we went.

After the shoot finished I was able to see and choose all my pictures before I left the studio. I thought the images I had chosen were truly awesome but when I came back to pick them up I was totally blown away by the incredible retouching work that had gone into my pictures since I had chosen them. I couldn’t wait to show my partner as it was a surprise and he also was absolutely amazed at what I had done and how fantastically it had all turned out.

All I can say is that if you have ever thought about something like this to boost your self esteem and give yourself a major lift - just do it. It was loads of fun and I really enjoyed myself. I now have something uniquely special which I will treasure for the rest of my life.


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