Digital Photo Retouching

Professional Portrait Airbrushing

Welcome to our incredible Studio X Photography professional Digital Portrait Retouching! When we say "See yourself like never before", we really mean it! Put simply, it doesn't matter who you are, it's a fact that as we age, we tend to get more wrinkles and other skin imperfections. However, we have a solution. Armed with the latest in innovative anti-aging airbrushing technology together and years of expertise, we can wipe away the years a little - or a lot! We can remove moles, scars, birthmarks, pimples, and other skin blemishes as you desire AND you get to keep the proof for life!

Our portrait retouching includes Botox and Facial Blemish Removal, our incredible Body Sculpting and finally our Cellulite Eraser. All these techniques are highly effective for making you look your absolute best and are included as part of our service!

You will have a chance to chat with our team about the possibilities during your image viewing, held after the completion of your portrait photo shoot. In the meantime, be sure to check out these fantastic examples below.

Likewise, ensure you also visit our before and after glamour portrait examples to see just how incredible we'll make you look!

Digital Botox and Facial Blemish Removal

Digital Botox is an incredible technique that allows for the removal of unwanted wrinkles, blemishes, and other fine lines that we all experience as we age. A key ingredient of our digital portrait retouching, digital Botox wipes years from your appearance. And the best part about digital Botox is that it is pain free!

Rollover the images below to see a 'before and after' demonstrating our Digital Botox and Facial Blemish Removal.

Eye Retouchingface retouchingmouth retouchingskin retouching 


Digital Body Sculpting and Reshaping

You will be blown away as we are able to retouch and alter the shape of your body to include seductive curves; without even having to visit the gym! Our professional body sculpting and reshaping is a retouching technique that is only applied to the point that the portrait still looks like you. This allows you to easily shed those pounds and have the body you've always dreamed of!

Rollover the images below to see a 'before and after' showcasing our Digital Body Sculpting.

back retouchinghip retouching 


Digital Cellulite Eraser and Body Blemish Removal

Cellulite! Nobody wants it, especially in photography - but so many of us have it! Cellulite is a common issue that we hear about all the time. Well, thanks to our incredible Studio X Photography Cellulite Remover there is no need to worry! As part of our retouching, we also gently soften your skin to reveal a smooth model like complexion in your portraits!

Rollover the images below to see a 'before and after' highlighting Digital Cellulite Eraser.

back retouchingchest retouchingleg retouchingscar retouching 

Call Studio X Photography with Portrait Retouching Enquiries

If you have any questions relating to our professional portrait retouching please call Studio X Photography Auckland on (09) 309 4646 Monday to Saturday.