Booking a Double Glamour Shoot

In today’s blog post, Studio X Photography discuss booking a double glamour photo shoot for you and a friend with our professional glamour photographer. This is a fantastic idea for those of you who may wish to combine a session with your bestie and enjoy your photo experience together!

There are a number of great reasons to do so. Be sure to read on to discover why this may be just the thing for you!

Booking a Double Session with Our Glamour Photographer

Ever since our inception way back in 2004, we at Studio X Photography noticed a number of women enquired about whether they could book with a friend. And the simple answer is yes, you certainly can and this is a fabulous idea!

The majority of your glamour photo shoot works exactly the same as if you were booking just for yourself. The main difference is the fact that you should allow additional time for your joint session, as there will most likely be two makeovers. Additionally, it will naturally take longer to take your photographs during your actual shoot. This, in addition to allowing you both to make your selections during your image viewing.

You may both have similar ideas in mind for your portraits, or perhaps vastly different. This is no problem with us! Having worked with countless women over the years we understand that everyone is different. Prior to starting your photo session, we simply have a chat with each of you about what appeals, and take it from there. Simple 🙂

We have also found that booking with a friend can help you relax, as you will naturally support and encourage each other throughout your session. Secondly, it can be a great way to encourage a friend who may have been thinking of booking a session for a while but who never quite had the courage to do so. Together you will have a memorable and fun-filled day resulting in stunning portraits you will enjoy for years to come!

Is There Any Additional Charge For a Double Photo Shoot?

Apart from the addition of a second sitting/makeover, there is no extra charge for booking a double shoot! When making your booking with us, simply mention you are looking to book with a friend and we can cover every aspect of your photo shoot. This ensures we can allow enough time for your sessions.

Apart from the aforementioned differences (mostly in the amount of time to allow) the vast majority of your experience will be the same as an individual session. You will find other blog posts which explore in more detail what you can expect during your glamour session, in addition to our website.

If you have any other questions we are more than happy to help! If you choose to email us, one of our team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

What About Simply Bringing a Support Person to My Glamour Shoot?

If you would like to book for yourself, yet have a friend or partner along for support, you are likewise more than welcome to do so. Of course there is no charge for this, and many women also find this a great way of feeling more confident and prepared on the day.

If you prefer to simply book for yourself without a partner/support person that is perfectly fine too. Some women feel more relaxed with fewer people around and thus less pressure. As we mentioned, everyone is different, so simply have a think about how you want to enjoy your experience and we are happy to work with that!

Finally, as a leading boudoir photographer Auckland, be sure to mention to us if you would like to include some boudoir portraits during your session. This is a very popular idea which many women choose.

Getting In Touch With Our Portrait Studio

While we are currently in Covid-19 alert level 4, we are still able to answer any enquiries and make tentative bookings for future dates/periods. You are welcome to call Studio X Photography Monday-Saturday on (09) 309 4646 to talk with our photographer. Alternatively, you may send us an email through our website.

We will be able to confirm photo shoot booking times once we know when we are returning to alert level 2. Be sure to check back here and likewise our social media channels, which we will update when we have confirmation of these dates.

From all of us here, we hope you & your families are keeping well! Be sure to also check out our other featured blog posts to discover more about why so many Kiwi women and couples have chosen Studio X Photography since 2004!

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