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Professional nude portrait photography at Studio X in Auckland is a highly sophisticated art form designed to celebrate every woman's inherent natural beauty, irrespective of age, shape or size. Have you ever watched 'How to Look Good Naked'? Well, at Studio X we will show you how! Professional nude photography is a modern-day version of the time honoured practice of painters and sculptors throughout history. With artful lighting, creative posing and insightful visualisation we are able to create stunningly tasteful nude images in our Auckland studio. Often portrayed in black and white, it is essential to create a strong moody rendition which defines form either accurately or in the abstract. Sometimes subtle, sometimes mildly provocative but always fascinating and tasteful, the nude portrait has been a favourite art form for discerning people for centuries.

Are you unsure or feeling insecure about booking your professional nude portrait photo shoot? Most of our clients felt exactly the same way, but there's no need to worry! With our masterful retouching combined with creative assistance, relaxed photo shoot atmosphere and unique lighting and posing, we create stunning photography that make everyone look great - everyone including you!

You are always welcome to include a mix of themes within your photo shoot; some ladies even like to include some cheeky exotic portraits into their collection. Likewise, if you decide to bring your partner along with you, perhaps you might like to include some couples portraits as well.

Book your very own photo shoot today! Now is the time to celebrate your own body and see its inherent beauty, perfect just the way it is. Call our Auckland studio now on (09) 309 4646 or contact us to arrange your photo shoot or photography consultation.

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What our clients say..

"This is something I had always wanted to do and you made it all so easy and so much fun. Thank you for a great day and for the truly AWESOME pictures which I will treasure forever" - CB"

Book Your Very Own Auckland Nude Photo Shoot!

Now is the time to celebrate your own body and see its inherent beauty, just the way it is!
Call our Auckland studio now to book your professional nude photographer on (09) 309 4646, or contact us to arrange your no obligation pre-portrait consultation.