Celebrating All Body Types with Professional Boudoir Photography

Celebrate your Inherent Beauty In a world where self-love and body positivity are gaining momentum, professional boudoir portraits have emerged as a powerful medium for celebrating individuality and embracing the beauty that exists in every body type. At Studio X Photography, as a leading professional boudoir photographer Auckland, we firmly...Read more

Four Things to Bring to Your Auckland Boudoir Photo Shoot

In today’s blog post, Studio X Photography cover a few things you should consider bringing with you to your photo session with our professional boudoir photographer Auckland. While these provide you a guide, we always encourage you to bring along anything of sentimental value, whether this be props, jewelry or...Read more

Preparation tips for your Boudoir Photo Shoot

As a leading boudoir photographer Auckland, Studio X Photography are often asked “what should I wear to my photo shoot?” Below, we answer this as well as offer some simple preparation tips for your boudoir photo shoot to ensure you arrive relaxed and ready to enjoy this incredible experience! Additionally, we...Read more