Empowerment Through Glamour Photography

Unveiling Confidence with our Glamour Portrait Photographer In a world where self-expression and empowerment are valued more than ever, the role of glamour photography has taken on a new dimension. At Studio X Photography, we believe that this form of portrait is not just about capturing beautiful images. It’s about...Read more

Booking a Double Glamour Shoot With a Friend

In today’s blog post, Studio X Photography discuss booking a double glamour photo shoot for you and a friend with our professional glamour photographer. This is a fantastic idea for those of you who may wish to combine a session with your bestie and enjoy your photo experience together! There...Read more

An Insight Into Glamour Photography at Studio X Auckland

If you are looking for a professional glamour photographer Auckland, then discover all the amazing benefits of choosing to book with our portrait studio! Our team specialises in offering you stunning portraits together with a fun-filled shoot experience that you will be sure to remember. Here is your chance to...Read more

Gaining Confidence Through Your Professional Glamour Photo Shoot

Experience a Professional Photo Shoot With Auckland’s Premier Glamour Photographer As a professional portrait photographer established in 2004, our photographer and team have photographed countless women from all over New Zealand who for the most part have one thing in common; insecurities! We all have them, whether it’s a few...Read more

About Modern Day Glamour Photography

What Defines Modern Day Glamour Photography? As a leading Auckland photographer, we are often asked at Studio X Photography ‘What is professional glamour photography?‘ This is a style of portrait that emphasizes beauty, elegance, and allure, often through sophisticated lighting, styling, and posing techniques to enhance the subject’s appearance. As...Read more